YogaDana’s focus is Health and Wellbeing. Integrating evidence based practices to provide fun & do-able programs to establish and consolidate Health & Wellbeing. Come along and join us in person or online to support your Health & Wellbeing.
Andrea is a Registered Nurse , Yoga, Meditation Instructor and is currently continuing her psychotherapy training in EMDR & EFT. During many years working in Government Health Facilities, Andrea came to see many people were unable to maintain the basics of a healthy lifestyle -which help prevent many modern debilitating chronic illnesses: either due to lack of knowledge, lack of support or emotional issues – including stress, social circumstances, trauma & lonliness which can lead to us leaning on habits that are detrimental to our health.
Increasingly as there is less focus on community & lifestyle & more on performance, image & productivity. There seems to be less time for connection, family, chilling out & having fun – it’s easy to feel stretched and even overwhelmed. Commonly our ‘go to’ to relax are exercise (gyms), T.V. alcohol, recreational & prescription drugs, food, technology, shopping, going Harder & Faster to push it all away and gain control – which may we well and good in moderation. But at times they can tip out of balance without us noticing – more commonly than not we may find ourseles struggling to maintain a healthy happy relaxed body & lifestyle.
YogaDana’s simple approach of putting Ourselves back into theBig Picture. Remembering what it is that we want out of Life, and that How we Feel matters. Getting back to basics is the best foundation to begin rebuilding or consolidating what really works for you. Knowing what lights you and your life values and goals holds you in good stead when Real Life withs Bills and Deadlines takes over. Yoga & Meditation are simple practices that bring attention to our minds and bodies , to ground and connect , checking in with how we are going, what’s happening with us right here, right now – what do we need to tweek for the day to suit our needs. Over time a strong compassionate relationship with ourselves develop that becomes unshakeable. We are better able to accomodate & process the inevitable stressors of Life’s ups and downs.
There are many practices which develop various skills. At times our Body-Minds just feel overwhelmed with cumulative stress: the Nervous system needs a reset – a few weeks, months of breath work, yoga nidra & exercise. Sometimes we are feeling stiff & lethargic – choose a Yoga Posture Class to suit your energy level – getting moving, stretching & strengthening, in a mindful way that prmotes Vibrant Wellbeing rather than a “Quest to be Better’.
When experiencing the ongoing effext of Trauma – iRest Yoga Nidra can gently, overtime begin to support reconnection with all the parts of ourselves (een the uncomfortable parts), restore and integrate to Wholeness, calming the overwhelming effects of physical sensations, flashbacks & other memories & the sense of overwhelm – restoring hope, a sense of control, of agency, empowerment& ability to enjoy the present moment no matter the circumstances.
Making time for regular practice, is time for You on the mat – to simply connect & shine the light on you for an hour or so. You may have already had practices like swimming laps, artwork, gardening or jogging , which allow for calm focus and informal meditation – an essential element for a healthy grounded vibrant life. Come in and join a few classes, we would love to meet you.
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